Eternal World Order?

The difficulty in what I’m attempting to convey to reader is in the nature of preconceived notions.  As soon as certain words are used an immediate picture appears in the mind and you are off to some other site that feels comfortable.  What could I possibly mean by the “Eternal World Order”.  Does it sound like a cult or some riff on a political movement.   In all cases the answer is no.  What I’m really talking about is something that works upon the human being in a lawful manner:

Thus there opens out to the seeker the possibility of ceasing to obey only the incalculable influences of the external world of the senses, which turn his will now here, now there. Through knowledge he has seen the eternal nature in things. Through the transformation of his inner world he has gained the capacity to perceive this eternal nature. For the seeker, the following thoughts have special importance. When he acts from out of himself, he is conscious that he is also acting out of the eternal nature of the things. For the things give utterance in him to this nature of theirs. He is therefore acting in harmony with the eternal World Order when he directs his action from out of the Eternal within him. He knows himself to be no longer merely impelled by the things; he knows that he impels them according to the laws implanted in them which have become the laws of his own being.

Chapter IV: The Path of Knowledge

This is in contradistinction to what is popularly known as the New World Order.  I’m in no way critiquing what is presented by the New World Order only providing the basis from which the individual can act out of their own being that is “…in harmony with the eternal World Order“.

What is the difference between the New World Order (“NWO”) and the Eternal World Order (“EWO”)?  This is a complex answer since it requires that some initial background is established otherwise assumptions will be made.  The initial idea that must be brought to the forefront of your thinking is whether or not there are forces that can impact the material yet remain hidden.  By hidden (unmeasurable) I mean they are not directly perceptible to our normal, everyday senses but upon investigation are highly active.

As an example of what is meant by a hidden but active force, one need only observe their ability to picture an object in your “mind’s eye”.  If you picture, for example, an apple and try to “see” as much detail as possible – the stem, differentiated color of the skin, dents, etc – the apple takes on a realness.  However, this object – from a material perspective – does not exist.  Of course one could measure brain activity but the apple is not directly measurable.  The question now is whether the apple exists.  Certain forces are put into action to construct the apple in your mind (energy was expended) and as far as you are concerned, the apple exists to a certain degree.  Taking the same activity and then begin picturing a small sculpture.  You can take the image in your mind and then shape a piece of clay.  From the idea to the physical object, you have transformed one type of force into another.  Both are real and have origins and properties that are independent though interpenetrating.

Knowing that ideas are real “things”, imagine if you knew how to make use of them.  There are groups of individuals with this knowledge and who have put that knowledge into practice.  The problem arises when certain practices interfere with the normal course of development (to either retard or speed up processes) which tend to distort the lawful outcome as intended.  This is equivalent to having a rose flower directly out of the stem rather than the bud.  Think of the “NWO” as an attempt to force the bud out of the stem and the “EWO” as trying to maintain harmony so the rose flowers as intended.


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