Spherical Geometry and Empirical Evidence

I took a trip recently to Vancouver Island via the Horseshoe Bay ferry to Nanaimo (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nanaimo).   It is approximately 36 miles (58km) west of Vancouver.  I took a few videos of the beautiful scene from the deck of the ferry.   On the way back to Vancouver (just as the ferry left the harbour) I took video of Vancouver and the UBC endowment lands.

As you can see in this video, the land mass to the east is clearly visible on the horizon, The ferry itself is has 7 decks (excluding the bridge).  The bottom deck is quite high to allow for over-height vehicles.  But if you allow for double the height of the bottom car deck (5.4m) which are decks 2-3 and every other deck is 2.7m then the total height to the highest passenger deck is 4×2.7m + 5.4m = 16.2m or 51 feet.   I wanted to ensure that we include the height of the ferry in the final calculation.

The video shows a small island called snake island which is approximately 33 miles from Vancouver and 29 miles to the UBC endowment lands.  Using spherical geometry, the endowment lands should be 8x29x29/12 or 560 feet *below* the horizon.  If you go to the UBC endowment wiki page (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/University_Endowment_Lands) you will see that it is only 260 feet above sea level.  If we add the height of the ferry we get a total of 311 feet which would require the endowment lands be 249 feet below the horizon.  And since the endowment lands are the highest peak along the coat between Richmond and Vancouver, no lands mass should be visible at all.

I’m going to work on getting better video with a zoom lens to show Vancouver from Nanaimo.  Anyone riding the ferry will be able to do this experiment by themselves while using their own eyes (which have greater definition than the camera).  You don’t need to take my world for it.

In conclusion, it would seem that either the concept of a spherical earth is incorrect or the size of the earth is larger than we are being told.  In either case, it seems that the knowledge being given to us is incorrect.


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