The nature of this blog has changed many times as new information comes to my attention.  Knowledge and truth are not necessarily the same thing and as such, even the most learned people can be wrong.  This means that if “…history is written by the victors” then the truth of our past has been obscured to suit the victors.

This also means that even the most erudite and sincere historians of the past have unwittingly carried forward the desired narrative.  The history of ancient world, which we build our modern world, is dependent upon the words of so few.

For example, the life of Eusebius is unknown yet his works are considered gospel.   Why is that?  And why do we accept it so easily?

Science grew out of alchemy and as such, science contains the same magical thinking.  I come from an engineering background and know the difference between the act of building something and the theory of something.  Until we all know the difference we are doomed to life of deception.

Empirical evidence is required to properly live and act in this world.  To simply rationalize the nature of the world leads us to the excesses of decadence and the current state of our ignorance.

If it is our ignorance which binds us to this system, then only by recognizing our ignorance and basing our knowledge on our own experiences can we gain freedom.  Expose your own ignorance and you will take the first step towards freeing the world.



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